A fuel briquette (Euro-wood) - a relatively new type of fuel, has already gained wide popularity with consumers. They are most attractive as fuel for all types of solid fuel boilers, as well as in the home for fireplaces, bath furnaces, and braziers, etc.


The power of the boiler when using briquettes increases up to 50% in comparison with ordinary firewood. Selection of sulfur when burning briquette <0.08%, which allows 3-4 times less often to clean the chimney than when using firewood or coal. Having all the advantages of ordinary firewood, fuel briquettes have a number of significant advantages: when burning, they do not sparkle and do not smoke, when equal to the volume of wood produce heat much more and add them to the firebox 2-3 times less than wooden logs.

Lasting combustion!!!

The high density of the briquette ensures long, even burning (smoldering). One briquette bookmark is enough for 6 - 8 hours (almost overnight).

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT!!! Do not emit harmful substances!!!

They are made without chemical additives and adhesives - from natural, untreated chemical preparations/raw materials , only whiz wooden sawdust.

Unlimited shelf life

The temperature that occurs during pressing contributes to the fusion surface of the briquettes, which due to this becomes waterproof and prevents rotting.

Beetles (bugs) do not harm Briquettes!!!

Production occurs at high pressure and temperature, in the process of thermal sintering of sawdust, all bacterial micro flora is destroyed.

Convenience in transportation, use and storage!!!Fuel briquettes have very compact parameters, do not stain the surrounding and practically do not take up space, and are very convenient during transportation, as they are compact and lightweight. When all storage conditions are maintained, briquettes are stored indefinitely. The average density of fuel briquettes is 1.1-1.4 tons / cubic meter, which is 2.5 times more than the density of the same tree. Bulk density of such fuel is 1000 kg / cubic meter, and bulk density of the same firewood is about 300 kg / cubic meter. The high density, simple and compact shape and the small size of the briquettes make it easy to stack them tightly or to be filled through special sleeves, which allows even safe automation of the various processes of loading, unloading and burning of such fuel.

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