Delivery and payment

Manufacturer's prices. Cash and non-cash payment. Payment by agreement.


Our company deals with the wholesale and retail trade of briquettes for both houses and industrial enterprises. For the convenience of our valued customers, our delivery service will bring your order to your home and help with unloading and warehousing. We are glad to welcome you to our site!


Payment Options:

· Pick up goods from our warehouse independently. At the time of placing your order, the manager will pre-specify the quantity / availability of the product of your choice in the warehouse. Loading in our warehouse.

· On the plastic card of Privatbank, the details of which will be provided by our manager. If you choose this payment option, delivery is possible only after the funds have been credited to our account.

· To the settlement account of our company in the branch of any bank or via Internet banking, according to the invoice issued by our manager. If you choose this payment option, delivery is only possible after the funds have been credited to our current account.

Schedule: Mon-Fri from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Our warehouse address:

66 Gilli str, Bedevlya, Tyachiv district, Ukraine.

Delivery by v. Bedevlya and t.Tyachiv:

Delivery is from Mon to Sat from 09:00 to 20:00. Our staff will promptly place an order for delivery and specify the convenient time for you to receive the briquette. Usually, the delivery is made the day after payment, however, if we received your payment within 14 hours, with free staff, the delivery can be made on the same day. In any case, the delivery date and time will be agreed with you prior to departure. Delivery is paid by the Customer.


Unfortunately, some of our customers do not always think about the mechanism of unloading briquettes in their warehouse / yard. Therefore, we urge you to think about it in advance. Our manager, during the checkout process, will also ask you for a way of unloading and will also offer you a unloading service from our company. We provide a service of manual unloading and transport 5 meters from the car. The price of manual unloading is 150 UAH. / 1 ton.