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  • Width of the 1st briquette: 8.6 cm
  • The length of the 1st briquette: 28 cm
  • Weight of the 1st briquette: 2 kg
  • Briquette packaging: transparent film + wooden pallet
  • Total weight: 960.00 кг
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Fuel Briquettes is a fully eco-friendly biofuels that can be used for both industrial and domestic use. Fuel briquettes are great for use in automated boilers, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces.

Eurofire (fuel briquettes) are economical, convenient, modern and environmentally friendly biofuels. Fuel briquettes do not include any harmful binders, are widely used and can be used for various types of furnaces, central heating boilers, wood and coal boilers.

They also burn great in fireplaces, stoves, grills. The briquettes can be used for both private property and industrial facilities (farms, warehouses and industrial premises, boiler rooms).

Eurofire can also be used for barbecue or grill. When greased, they do not ignite but continue to smolder or burn at low flames.

Characteristics of the briquette
Total moisture, (Wp) 9.5%
Ash, (Ad) 1.1%
Bulk density 780 kg/m³
Calorie content of lower 4772 kcal/kg
Calorie content of higher 5149 kcal/kg
Radionuclides No detected
Width of the 1st briquette 8.6 cm
The length of the 1st briquette 28 cm
Weight of the 1st briquette 2 kg
Briquette packaging transparent film + wooden pallet

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